Bug? LLBG Runway 12

Cessna Citation,

Full Flaps
Spoilers armed
Speed 120kts
Cross wind of 4kts from at 210degrees

I flare just beyond the numbers and then cant stop. As I see my altitude it drops to -3000 feet, speed is still 120, so I bring the flaps up to 5, full throttle, and climb out of the 3k foot hole I was in. I guess I am not stopping for gas there.

16hours into a messed up ATW so that woulda sucked if I could not “dig myself out” . :)


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Have you tried clearing your scenery cache?

Just seems like another normal glitch I guess?

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So the runway is in a kind of hole? Just like this report we just got:

If so, Airport Editing will be on top of this (: I know them and they have been alerted. Thank you for letting us know

No The runway did not report as solid ground and I kept falling beneath the earth. And per your point I don’t know how these glitches are handled, so I am just bringing it up without complaining :)

I am at LBBG and there is no runway 12…

LLBG . I will edit the original


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Thank you for reporting this. I am so happy Members are coming on to this community and reporting stuff that we may have never even known had an issue. Thanks!

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That might be me LOL…

I can’t seem to replicate this issue, care to take a screenshot for us so we can see what is happening?

Will go back when my ATW is done. I had perfect glideslope, landed maybe a weeeeeee bit short. Speed was good, gear was down. flaps full. Spoilers armed, Spoilers never went off cause I had not “landed”.

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I read this topic and the first thing i do is open IF and here i am:


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