Bug jump in cabin

Hello good day, I noticed something in this new update, when I put the cabin view the plane at certain times jumps, and uninstall and reinstall the application, apparently I am not the only one, there are other friends who have told me the same, this before it did not happen. I hope not delete this post because here is the subject of support and solution. I have Android 7 OpenGL 3.2 and 3 GB of RAM with enough storage. Thanks.


I have this to but I think this happens because terain is loading in.

The jump is from the streaming and can happen when the area is busy and/or your network connection slowed down temporarilly.

It is nothing to worry about unless it is constant.

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It is constant in all the flights that I do, as I said, before this did not happen and even with full airplanes in the airports, they should take this detail into account to see what the error is, my Internet connection is good. I’ll be aware, thank you very much. :)