Bug Issues Question

Happy Sunday IFC,
I was wondering if the bugs that are suppose to be fixed are going to come in 22.2 or in a hotfix. And if it’s a hotfix (which I hope it is) can we possibly get an estimation for example, in like a week or 2. I understand if you can’t give, or have this info yet. Thanks for reading this and your time!

i think its a hotfix since i’ve seen staff hinting at it recently

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Giving accurate estimates of when a project will be completed is notoriously difficult, especially in software development.

It’s best to assume that if you want a bug fixed, the devs (who directly rely on the app’s success) really want it fixed.

As a user, I prefer this to hearing about a planned release date that then has to get rescheduled.


That’s what I am thinking also, but I’ve also seen things that say next release so I was wondering.

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