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Hello developer,my name is alex i’m a if player with display name “IFFI-IFPI ALEX”.I just wanna report the bug,the bug is crash with no any problem…my flight is WIII-WITT(JAKARTA-ACEH)…with lion air(lion 339)…The problem is I want to inbound runway 17 at WITT…If i make inbound there’s is no mountain at around…then i’m so mad because my plane is crash with no any problem(there is no mountain,and system in my plane is good)…so i wan’t to developer to fix this bug,because i wasted my time 2 hour 45 minutes,and i think this bug it’s make an if player unlucky for the flight…(sorry if my english had a fall,because i just can 75% speak english)

Did you crash into a mountain that wasn’t there, visually? Or are you complaining about the scenery?

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I don’t know…but the problem my plane is inbound,then i get suprised my plane crash,but there is no problem (no mountains around my plane and system in my plane is work,a/p is on)if my plane is crash because the mountain the gpws calls to pull the yoke or another,but my crash is no gpws warning callout

Hello! I just read your email to us, but we can continue here :)

Can you grab a screenshot of where this is happening? Perhaps try on Solo?

I tried on solo, the only way I could see him crashing would be by trying to land on runway 35 as that is a GPS approach, which does not take into account for terrain. What aircraft were you in?

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I forget to screenshot,but the problem i was suprised my plane is crash,no mountains,a/p on,and system is perfectly working…i’m playing at fly online Training Server:V2

Okay. So this was a one time incident?
What could have happened, is that that terrain stream to your device became corrupt and the app misinterpreted some elevation data. It’s pretty uncommon, but it can happen.

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