Bug in the wings of the CRJ - 200

Hello community, I found a bug in the wings of the CRJ - 200. It has double wings and I wanted to know if any developer noticed this bug.

I believe this is a known issue, the A350 has the same known problem as far as I know.

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Yes, we are aware of this but have not been able to reproduce this issue thus far.
This is something we need to do.

So, if anyone out there has a way of reproducing this - let us know!


Recreating this now with both aircraft will update shortly standby.

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Update : Both the a350 and crj200 were tested in both solo and multiplayer / on a Ipad 2017 9.7 inch w high graphics ,

On both tests on both aircrafts the glitch encountered by @_Patrick has not been successfully recreated … On my device i don’t seem to have this issue.


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