Bug in the TIME

Hello community, I wanted to report a possible bug that is occurring in the IF: when the time is at 1× it is normal and when I put it at 5× the aircraft is turning in such a way that I cannot explain why. Here’s the video I made just now!

Version: 22.1
smartphone: Motorola Moto G9 Power

Link: Bug in IF - YouTube

You can post videos on the IFC by uploading it to YouTube then embedding a link in your posts. A preview should then show.

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Thanks Bro!

Hello Patrick,

I have got one question and a couple of suggestions for you to try.

What was your average frame rate in the scenario ?? typically in such a scenario, a low frame rate can cause this to happen.

Another thing is can you try and recreate this in another aircraft and also see if lowering your graphics option and clearing your scenery cache helps.



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Guys, I’ve cleared cache and done everything, but this bug doesn’t stop. And this happens to all aircraft

Link: Bug in aircraft on IF - YouTube

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