Bug in the 777 cockpit

Hi! I am currently flying in the 777-300ER and I found a small bug (not a big deal) but strange. The headrest isn’t on the first part of the seat
Take a look

My device is a 12.9 IPad Pro 128GB running on IOS 10.3.3

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Do you need support for this?

I don’t think the devs really need to worry about the harness in the cockpit at the moment. They’ve got way more important things to think about than this.


That’s why I mentioned that it’s not really important. Devs have a lot of things to do. But it’s just a bit strange. It’s just to mention it, when the bugs are gone they will focus on some small things

The OP is commenting on a bug, not requesting support. It’s not a crime - and something I’m sure FDS would want to know about as they strive for a realistic and authentic simulator.


It will surely be fixed once the 777 gets a reworked cockpit.