Bug in Runway orientation markings YPID

This is my first bug report (and forum post). if there is a better channel to report this please let me know.

Seem like the 36 and 18 markings need to be switched unless i’m dumb and this isn’t a bug

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I’ll notify the airport editing team and see if it’s something that they can look into on their end.


lol me too im from Australia too!! :)

Yes their is a bug look at YMML 34 and 16 is the other way to ypid

Both runways are closed. This is just a Heli Port

In fact you are correct. The airport is now privately owned and the owners have announced that the both runways are now closed meaning no fixed wings are allowed to land there now. The airport is now strictly just for helicopter operations from now on wards as from a few years ago.

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I’ll look into this, and get it fixed to the best result (if it is a heliport only field without a sufficient active runway then it may be removed). Thanks!

– ECoops123, Airport Editing Supervisor


You guys are fast.

So what would be better way to fix this? join the airport editing team and send a pull request?

Correct I’ve seen the heliport irl as I’ve been to the vietnam war museum at the end of the old closed runway 18 aka for the terms of the bug 36

The IFAET will probably fix it in their own time, and push it with a future navigation database update. Given that it’s now apparently a closed airport, they’re usually fairly quick about it. @Ecoops123 has already indicated that this will be resolved :)

Thanks, my priority is sorting out the airports into the game.

There are 2 great and helpful ways to resolve stuff like this:

  1. Message me, or another Supervisor (if you know them). I’m very active and always happy to look into anything airport related. Supervisors fix the minor things in airports from bugs to errors to some small updates. Of course we edit airports ourselves as well

  2. Join the team and edit the airport yourself if it hasn’t been touched! We’re always looking for new editors to come and help our growing team. Pull requests aren’t a thing for airport editing (for Navigation editing on the ILS approaches it is). Normal editors generally edit unedited fields/airports, sometimes rework airports needing significant changes, or updates to their own work. It is all emailed off to a reviewer who adds it to the repo when happy with its quality.

And about YPID, I decided to remove it. The airport has indeed since turned into a heliport, by utilizing a field just north of the area for helicopters (which for the foreseeable, aren’t being used)


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