Bug in Paris, France airport LFPZ RUNWAY 11

The runway is so short!!!


What’s it supposed to be?

The runways aren’t even named correctly. Both runways should almost be the same length. @Henrik


Saint Cyr L’ecole(LFPZ)

Runway 11

I don’t know 😅😅

There is only 2 runways for planes at St Cyr. This one is for helicopters. It shouldn’t be rendered in Infinite Flight though.

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This is weird

They’re named correctly. This is due to magnetic variation. The runway heading went from 294 to 295 last year.

So the skyvector information is inaccurate?

Yes indeed, this is why I prefer to use official charts for such data.


That is an airport or a piece of an interstate highway with a “29” writing and a KLM ERJ on it

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