Bug in LTFM

I planned flight from İstanbul yo Paris but when i enter gate there has a bug and i take vio 1 i can’t understand why

Device: Xiaomi mi 8 lite
Operating system: Android

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What is the motive for your violation ?


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If you share a little more detail then we can help advise a little more

First of all try clearing the scenery cache within the settings menu in the app and respawn at the same gate and see if the issue remains. If it does…

  1. Describe what happens when you spawn at the gate with screenshots if possible
  2. Which gate number is the issue happening at
  3. Can you reproduce the issue at any other gates at LTFM
  4. Which aircraft are you using?

We can go from there…

Is it taxiing off the airstrip? Since the game seems to bug on scenery

I got from acrobatics but i am not do anything and how i can share video in there

msg @appeals with replay

If you need help sharing a repla with them

So yes normally appeals will sort you out

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