Bug in ceario

Hello I’m facing serious bug problems in the scenery or terrain, sometimes in flight I almost always can’t conclude because the whole scenery disappears, in airports there are also some bugs with vertical black lines, horrible.
I use the Galaxy S20 device, updated 64bit android. Please fix these bugs. Thanks

I would say that that clearing the scenery cache usually would solve this, but I dunno.

I don’t think that it would work for this tho

That’s the best 1st move for any scenery based issue.

If possible would you be able to provide a screenshot to help us diagnose your problem I’d you experience it again @ADINAILDO_SANTOS?

I’ve already done that, but it doesn’t solve the problem

Have you got a screenshot?

Yes I have

Then send the screenshot…


This seems… interesting.

It seems the whole area has indeed been corrupted. If clearing the cause multiple times hasn’t work, and restart of your app and device, you may need to reinstall as something might have gone wrong at somepoint point in an install

I don’t know what else to do, I’ve done all this with the device, I even reinstalled the game, but it’s no use, that’s why I’m complaining here in the community

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