Bug in ATC mode.

Hello, so as i was controling EHAM yesterday and EGCC today, i’ve found a bug which makes IF crash. So, as i’m waiting for my ipad pro to come from repair, i’m playing on ipad air 2 with latest software and on max setings. Besides of freezing bug, which by the way was the cause of me being almost disconected from the ATC because of not responding, i found that if you zoom very far from ATC tower (i did it on low ATC in EGCC, and don’t actually remember which in EHAM), the infinite flight may crash. I’m sure this is a bug, because it happened to me about 3 times for the last couple of days.

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Hi Alex

Thanks for posting.

Can you share with us your device specs, and give us a breakdown of how the problem can be reproduced.

Generally an app restart or reinstall tends to help! Try that as a first port of call please.

There are known issues with the camera while controlling. Could you be more specific so it’s clear whether it’s the same issue?

I think i mentioned all this in post, but i’ll repeat.

Ipad air 2 with latest IOS/IF version

To try repeating it (i found this bug while controling at EHAM & EGCC) just zoom very far away from ATC tower in ATC mode.

Just IF crashes when zooming far away in ATC mode with tower cam. It happened to me in EGCC and EHAM, cause that is what i was controling.

He meant like how much RAM is available and stuff like that

Oh, so i had it when ipad just restarted and all background apps were closed, and i had it while there were some apps like youtube runing in the background.

What I would do is close down all apps before controlling and see if that helps at all.

Hey Alexander, I think it’s a bug because I had the same experience when controlling the tower or approach in ebbr (brussels). It’s less frequent when putting settings to LOW. Sometimes when in tower view and moving the camera, the camera starts to shiver intensely but again with settings on low it runs very smoothly. On the other hand, yesterday I did a flight of 2 hours on the expert server with low traffic at that time with all the settings on max and 3 other apps running with no problems at all. Very smooth running of the sim. Very strange don’t you think? I run IF on Samsung galaxy tab s2 android 7.0 gl es 3.2. +/- 1,4 Gb free ram free for IF.