Bug. I think?

So I was doing a flight and I was just flying, approaching KSFO, then I decided to replay to watch a bit of my flight. Everything was normal


Then I clicked exit replay. This happened


I rapidly started pitching down (these pics aren’t accurate. I had to act it out. Explain down below). That is about it.

This is hard to re create. I just tried to but it didn’t work. You have to have been on a long flight and your on final. Hit replay, then press live/exit replay. Then your vertical speed is something like 1452. You have to have AP (all modes) on before you hit replay. In vertical speed AP box it should say the same as your actual VS. AP will still be on. This is with any aircraft because it’s happened to me on 2 different models. And I think the device/yoke has to be tilted forward.

I have this same problem too. Even others are experiencing this issue. Check this topic to find a solution: