Bug found

Found a weird bug when traveling at high speed on a 787image image
Crashed on a high speed dive at 842knts (i think) but did not end the flight

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Well the 787 isnt meant to fly that fast so it’s really not a bug it’s just a common aircarft thing. If the aircraft were meant to do that it wouldnt be flipping over

Hi @kpit đź‘‹


Well the game is not really designed for you to crash at 800+ kts, so I would expect some weirdness…

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So, the 787 flew into the ground?
I mean, it’s not like this is an insane issue you want to recreate, but could you try restarting infinite flight and clearing the scenery cache to see if ts corrupt files?
I can’t believe I’m saying this but then try to recreate it in solo and get back to us.


You’ve just become a science criminal by breaking a law in Physics!


Just recreated it and yes I smash into the ground and crash, follow my post steps above to see if it fixes the issue


I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a bug rather something you shouldn’t be trying lol

Like @Sammy_Droubi said just restart the app

Don’t over think it too much ;)

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Its not limited to the 787, I have done it in an F22 and an A318 and 737 before

This happens from time to time based on the speed/angle you crashed. All you can do it end the flight manually.

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