Bug for landing I want fixed

A few minutes ago I landed a tbm 930 at ksfo on rwy 28L. I landed a little off the runway and it gave me a taxi violation. Infinite flight staff please fix this. (I’m not posting comments on the infinite flight support thing because I have this to report stuff now. :) )


I don’t believe this is a bug due to the fact that you stated you landed a little off the runway. The taxi violation occurs whenever you’re not on a runway so its best to ensure that all of your gear are on a runway. A warning is given prior to the violation being handed out via the system so you do have some time to react and correct for this.

Landing on the runway will not and should not result you in getting taxi speed warnings or violations. If it is, then please provide screenshots, and specific details in regards to how to reproduce the issue and whether you can reproduce it consistently.