Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

This is extremely confusing, but super cool at the same time! Have no idea what any of this means, but I’ll just smile and nod my head.
Thanks for sharing!

Great! Another blog post that well informs

I remember doing some simple basic coding and learning the techniques of doing so a few years ago in elementary school, but this is far more complicated, advanced and beyond anything I ever did. And to top it off, I barely understand what each value means but I could guess… although considering I didn’t understand anything back then, I doubt I’d understand this… 😶

I could fetch my friend, who’s into coding and such, and has some knowledge into this. Maybe he could decode the meaning of the values and what they combined has for purpose…

Also I keep seeing he word Normal then a2_b2… also altitude… is that a measurement for height (ALT) X and Y (Horizontal and Vertical) lines, as you’d see in a X/Y graph?

Wow I started taking multiple coding courses and I can actually understand what is written in that picture lol

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Do you guys code everything in Python?

No. Infinite Flight is in C# (pronounced C sharp). :)

Really cool to read! As I am doing an apprenticeship as an application developer, it is always great to read something like this.

Good,very nice!

Does this code related to Map or Postion like location?

Yes it is part of the code that allow us to convert from latitude longitude to positions in 3d space


Wow. Its amazing that you people manage to do this with a staff of hardly 10 people

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