Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

One of our lead developers and CTO, Philippe has put together some really cool information to illustrate what exactly goes on when we use the terms “bug fixes” and “performance improvements” in app update descriptions. Read the full blog post here →.


Very cool thanks for being more informative on things and behind the scenes!

Very nice! Thank you for this Jason!

Wow, just looking at that picture gave me a headache, but thanks for keeping us Updated. 👍❤️

Such awesome information it’s making my head spin. I don’t think any other game ,flight sim or. app is ever this involved with its customer. Great job


Oh wow. So much that I never knew about. Very nice blog post


So awesome we have a team that can share this type of stuff. Really makes you appreciate even more, the work put into the sim.

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Meticulously trying to figure out what all of that code means. I’ll never figure it out. Although I see the words Longitiude and Latitude… 🤯



This is so cool.

This is really interesting and for other users to understand that development is not easy to implement new features. Excellent work guys. 👏🏼

Props to you, Philippe, and the rest of the team - you’ve done a fantastic job taking questions / feedback from the community on board and adjusting. The difficulty of explaining something so complex and foreign to much of the user base cannot be overstated. This is an excellent effort.

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It is part of the utility functions we use to convert latitude/longitude to positions in 3d space :)


All of this work stemming from a single “I found a bug” kind of post from a user… wow.

You guys rock !

Thanks for an amazing blog post on this!

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When you say “we actually use its size on screen to determine this [LOD] since we want those details to appear when zooming as well”, I’d assume that the sizes are different for different devices? For example, 4 inches on an iPhone 6 is nearly the entire screen, while it is only about 1/3 of the screen of an iPad Pro.

Interesting question… I’d think you could use an absolute size given mobile devices of all sizes tend to be used in a way that results in the screen being the same distance away from the eyes, and tablets (and other larger screen devices) typically have more resources to work with. I’m by no means an expert and could be totally wrong though.

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Definitely a good read and a nice post! 👌🏻

Thanks for the post guys! It’s incredible how much goes on behind the scenes when we are flying. I’ve never thought about it being so complex.

Thanks for the post! Love to see Behind the scenes posts :)