For the past two hours of flying in South Korea I saw this aircraft that kept spinning round in circles, I thought nothing of it until i finished my flight. I checked the airspace again and the plane was still spinning, to make sure I wasn’t going crazy I checked live flight and he or she was in the same spot for 3h! Just Look at his stats, he or she knew about this bug and used it to his or her advantage, this player needs to get sanctioned

Or he just did that so he could you know, sleep in? 🤷‍♂️ Who knows?

Edit: I think he got stuck on a waypoint and it’s making him go in circles

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This player is still online and is in the same spot spinning.

The thing is hes spinning really fast and he’s underground and is getting flight hours for free

Not sure what’s happening to him. I don’t believe he’s trying to abuse it to gain flight hours

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It could be many things.
There is a feature that automatically circles you around the last waypoint on your fpl if you don’t turn if NAV mode but it seems as if he is staying in the same spot. Could just be a unintentional glitch. No need to ban him. We don’t know if he is exploiting or if his game has just glitched out as he was gone

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Yeah fair point but he’d just stay there forever because he’s just floating in and out of the ground

Eventually the game will lock him out but if it’s only been three hours, his destination is in 4410nm, and he’s in a 777-200 i’d Imagine he was doing a long haul and his game glitched out as he was flying

Somewhat in a 777 and keeps glitching from about to crash to going underground. This reminds of the time I was in an F-22 in Casual server and was about to crash but completely glitched myself underground and was flying underground, then it propelled me upwards and took me to space (above something like 3 million feet) then I was stuck there for 20 min then propelled me back underground and continued doing this. I ended up from LHR to near Greenland and then my IF crashed (throughout the flight I had no control, and auto-pilot was off)

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How will it take him to lock out?

Around 30-70ish Hours, it really depends. Chances are he will come back from whatever he is doing, realise what happened, and end t(e flight before then.

Lol I saw him.

That whole experience in the F-22 took around an hour
now a similar thing is happened get to this dude I think

I’ll fly over to him to assess the situation

It is likely that he stalled and then ultimately crashed. Sometimes, crashing can lead to you seeing a plane spinning around like a helicopter blade. Also, any pilot that was near him/her at the time of the spinning can go into their replay file and freecam to see what happened to that pilot, and why they were spinning?

I think @George was close to him/her when that person began spinning around. Would you like to check on if you can see him on your Replay, George? :)

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It’s just on repeat

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Well @George just confirmed to me about what I thought had happened.

He did crash, causing his plane on the map spinning which I’ve seen too many times before happening. So he wasn’t exploiting anything or bugging the game for fun or so, and putting a virual fake sanction would be unnecessary and not help much at all as he simply crashed… poor pilot :P

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Yeah it was an over reaction but I was just salty

I also saw that aircraft 😂