Bug definitley a BUG!

So I was taxing to runway 25R at LAX on my way to Budapest on expert when this happened luckily I didn’t get violation because I probably would’ve quit the game https://youtu.be/S0FXcjHXGFc

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What the heck …


It’s kind of hard to see in your video because it was night time and dark, but it looked like you where falling through the ground.

If this was the case it is most likely an issue with your scenery cache. Try going to Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Select Yes and then restart your device and report back if that works.

Also this should be in #support.

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Wait also it happened again

Did you try clearing cache making sure that you selected Yes?

If you did, make sure that you restarted your device afterwards.

Have you tried this already?

Ok will do it now

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Imagine if people would read the pinned post where it says “READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!” as well ;)