Bug? Bad ATC? Bad me?

I was in my approach to YSSY and i recive the message that i had to contact tower, i went to the atc window and i only saw unicom, then another message and another as it was so strange for me i decide to look in the stats of the airport and i only see ground active, i continue my landing and i atc says me while in the runway i have to follow atc orders that if not i could be ghosted. For my luck he didn’t ghosted me and i contacted him in the taxiway and i proceed to parking.
Also i have to say that I can’t contact ground still in the air.
Did I make something wrong? What should I make on this situations?


Sorry you experienced in an issue with the ATC. Just to clarify did you try heading to the map and clicking on the airport, and then tuning into the ATC frequency for YSSY tower through there?

Yes but there wasn’t tower frecuency, i got on the map, I clicked on the airport it showed me the window with metears and down that there was only ground and I couldn’t contact it. Also in my atc window it showe the message contact sydney kingsford TOWER

Yes you had connection issues. If you leave the app at any point this increases the chances of it happening. If you are ghosted for this it will be reversed obviously as it wasn’t your fault.

Thanks but although i could have conexion issues it wasn’t any tower Atc neither in the atc window nor touching the airport

Yes you experienced connection issues. In the future I wouldn’t land there with ATC repeatedly sending me an “On guard warning” just to be sure I won’t be ghosted. I’d also exit the app but you don’t have to, I suppose there’s something else to do

Thanks you are very helpful ❤️❤️

That is related to connection issues just between ATC and the pilot rather than the usual ones. It’s a common issue not having frequencies show up so just be aware that next time it happens you may want to just divert, try and contact the controller here or see how it plays out but risk a ghost.

the atc right now is Zach S and i woul like to say sorry to him but idk what is his user here in the comunity

That would be @Zach_S, although he doesn’t seem to be active on here.

I’m active! That sometimes happens and when it does, I typically do not ghost as it’s not necessarily your fault. Thanks for reaching out!


Adding on to what others have mentioned before, it would just be smart to climb and exit the airspace as quickly as possible if your having any issues regarding the frequencies. Especially at busy airports. Getting out of cluttered airspaces due to communication errors will also make things easier for the controller. It just gives them one less thing to have to monitor.

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