Bug at VCBI

This morning I spotted an issue at Colombo (VCBI).
Aircraft: A330
I spawned on GateA02 and the minute the game started it showed that I crashed. So I started the flight again on the same gate and I crashed again.
I shifted my gate and everything was fine until I pushed back. While I was pushing back half of the airplane was underground and half in the air. I tried to press the PARK BRAKES to make it come back on the ground but nothing happened so I ended the flight then.

Finally I had to spawn at another gate far away and then I was able to take off.


Try heading into settings and clearing your scenery cache and restart the app. This should resolve the issue you are experiencing!


Well all I had to do was change my gate.

Yeah, but it was probably an issue with the scenery cache that caused the issue in the first place. If it does happen again this is probably your best option.

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