Bug at TFFJ airport

Reporting a bug at TFFJ airport.

There’s a transparent hill on the runway 10 approach to TFFJ (you can see the airport through the hill).

You can’t see this transparent hill until you are near the threshold and nearly crash into the hill.

There’s a hill on the runway 10 approach in real
Life. Please make this hill solid vs transparent

Device: iPhone 14
Operating system: iOS 17.4.1

This post does a great job of explaining the problem

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It’s not just TFFJ…
It’s every airport behind a hill.
The game renders airports in front of terrain even when this should not be the case

Also take a look at this (surprisingly) older post. The issue has been around for years. While staff say it is fixable, it must not be an easy fix without messing up other desirable aspects of IF.


This is a tradeoff rather than a bug (the cause is related to limitations in available processing power).

There are limits to how small the scenery objects in a 3D simulated world are broken down in size for the rendering process. This is to keep processing speed from dropping too much (the more you chew your food, the more time it takes; though if you don’t chew enough, you get indigestion).

When we view these broken-down scenery objects from a given direction, their overlap along that view direction means they must be drawn (by sorting them) according to depth (to reveal the overlap in the correct order).

So, the depth information for the draw order decision, is at the level of the entire object rather than at the level of each point within the object (the depth info is “chunky” rather than fine grained).

In spatially tight situations, the distance comparison measurement (say, the average distance of two objects) can push an object to the front that visually should have been rendered behind another object (there is not small enough size breakdown for an accurate distance comparison if spaces are too tight).

So, it’s a case of processing efficiency competing against the geometry rendering fidelity.

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I find it quite helpful to actually know where the runway is

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Thanks a lot for explaining this

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Thanks alot

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I flew a touch and go around TFFJ. It’s still there and quite a surpise

Its common i face in the VABB airport

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