Bug at Saba airport (TNCS) in Carribean region

Hey devs, can you please fix this bug at TNCS? Look at the sea :)
That’s a good airport! (With the shortest “commercial” runway of the world :O )

As a developer (not this app), I wouldn’t call this a bug. The code performs properly. The glaring issue here is the inconsistency of the draped water features over the underlying terrain. Looks like the water extends too far inland if the terrain is correct.

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Global warming, sea level rises


Well yes, that is true. But the water level rising has nothing to do with the issue to OP pointed out. @Eric_Schmeric has explained the reason why the water extends into the cliff (If the Devs wanted to represent water level rising, they’d just bump the terrain up X ft. to represent that)

Best, Boeing707

It seemed to have been a joke. It’s most definitely a mistake.


This is not an easy problem to solve, it has to do with flattening of terrain, resolution of terrain tiles and resolution of the elevation data we have available.

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Ok désolé j’ai pensé que c’était un bug.

Sorry for this mistake!

Just a joke lol