Bug at Quantico MCAF (KNYG)

If you’ve watched Criminal Minds, you know that the team’s base is in Quantico. I wanted to do one flight in a BBJ from Quantico to Yakima. I’ve noticed that Quantico MCAF in Infinite Flight does not match Quantico MCAF according to google maps. The image below shows that the airport is on the opposite side of where I was taxiing in IF.

In Infinite Flight, the taxiway was on the side that doesn’t exist in real life.

I realize that not all airports can be perfect due to an absurd number of airports worldwide, but if possible, please fix this bug!

Thank you!

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It looks like this airport hasn’t been edited yet, it still has only the default taxiways and runway.

The Airport Editing team doesn’t take requests, but with the goal of updating every airport in the world I’m sure they’ll give it some attention soon.


Alright, thank you!