Bug at NZCB

Spawning on the ramp at NZCB throws you off a cliff

Video: - YouTube

How to reproduce: Spawn in any aircraft on the ramp in live or solo

It’s an old probably non reworked airport. Nothing can be done until the airport is reworked.

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I don’t think there’s an issue with the ramp, but rather the runway itself. I believe you can report it to the editing team, and hopefully they will get on it.

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I was able to reproduce this issue.

I’m not sure if this is another Infinite Flight terrain elevation glitch because the airport sits on a cliff with flat terrain all around. I noticed the airport boundary was going through the runway centerline though. These types of glitches are expected especially for airports which are not yet edited.

I went ahead and moved the boundary so all airport elements are within it including the ramp start. The airport elevation is correct so that is unchanged. I just sent a push through to our repository. Expect to see the changes once a new scenery update occurs – thanks for the report. :)



Here is the airport taken from the archive. This is an original airport taken from XPlane. Remember that there are over 27,000 airports of which only 2,500 have been reworked.

Here is the runway taken away. The straight line is the boundary. You will see that the spawn location is placed outside the boundary. The straight line is effectively an edge set at 252ft. If the surrounding terrain is not at EXACTLY 252ft then there will be a calculation error and the aircraft will just fall to the center of the earth!

Nathan reworked this airport. It now looks like this! The spawn location is well within the airport boundary. The boundary now sets the elevation for the defined plane to be at 252 ft above sea level. You will need to wait for the next airport release for this to take effect. Thank you @Nathan