Bug at Manila Airport regarding jetbridges!

So I just ended my flight to Manila Ninoy. Well, I found something very funny. I am going to post the pics and just take a good look at it.

This is the gate information and where it is!

If u guys can see on the right corner, like the jetbridge, it goes straight through the Terminal building which seems kind of “unusual” when docking to the aircraft.

A better angle to see the situation. Maybe make the jetbridge dock into L2 instead of L1.

An aerial shot of the whole situation. You can clearly see that more than half of the jetbridge’s body is in the Terminal building.

I hope this can get fixed in the future!


A few airports are having bugs with jet bridges which are being fixed in upcoming updates. I’m sure this one will be fixed soon.

G’day, thanks for the report, ill look into this and a fix will come into a future update


Alright, thank you! Just wanted to report this, as maybe other users would likely to face this!

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