Buffering sound during flight

I’m experiencing some type of buffering or stuttering sound on some aircraft especially when i’m in the Dash 8 or just recently the SR22 I know this is a known issue but since the hotfix update, the issue is still there. It happens in Cockpit view & wing views. I’ve restarted the device twice to see if it helps but unfortunately it didn’t.

Try deleting the app and reinstalling. There may be an issue with your initial install.


Yeah I have this issue too when I’m using wing view on props. For me it’s not a huge issue because I don’t usually fly props but hopefully it’s fixed soon.

@Andre_S Remember this? Specifically the 208.

I’m not sure if this is a known issue, but I’m familiar with the issue if you even call it that. I’ve noticed this on the 208, SR22, and C172. Haven’t noticed this on the C130 variants or the Dash 8 as those sounds are different than the props. This might have something to do with the sound file for the listed aircraft. May I also add that this was noticed in HUD view only. Any outside views had the normal sound, nothing has changed there.


It would help to have a video capture that include that sound issue so we understand exactly what you are noticing.


I’ll attach a video to this thread tonight of the issue that I noticed and will try to pinpoint the area in the video that is of concern.

Ok. Here are the 3 aircraft that I could reproduce the same noise out of. The SR22, C172 and the C208. All three have this unique and distinct “metal grinding on metal” type of noise. Thats the best description that I could associate the noise with.

I’ve labeled the areas within the various clips that reproduce this buffeting/stuttering noise that the OP is referencing. I don’t think there is an issue with buffeting with any of the outside cameras. You will notice that I panned to the outside of the 172 and 208 to see if I noticed any abnormalities. Everything seemed normal from the last Infinite Flight RTM in regards to the outside sounds.

I’m about 98% positive that this is the issue that the OP is referring to. If not, I can create a separate support issue. Let me know if more info is needed.

iPad Pro 10.5"
iOS 11.0.3


I’ve never thought much about that sound but looking back, I have experienced that several times. I’m guessing it’s an issue with the soundfile but it could just be a very overexaggerated sound of the blades at idle.

I just found a piece of code that might be causing this. As a matter of fact I am pretty sure it is related to this bug as well.

We will investigate this asap and hopefully will have a fix soon.


Thanks for the video, that helps a lot. That’s the exact same sound i experienced.