Buffalo Sabres Flyout (Hockey City Flyout Series) @ KBUF - 241700ZFEB19


Hockey City Flyout Series

I’ll be starting my Hockey Flyout Series. Each Flyout will be on a Sunday at 1700Z and we will have 32 Different Flyout with each team. Their will be no specified Gates but there will be a certain airline for each one!

Buffalo Sabres Flyout

We dedicate this flight to the Buffalo Sabres! We will be flying from Buffalo to Detroit

Theme / Airline : Delta Connection (Delta)

Server : Training

Airport : KBUF

Time : 1700Z

NOTAM : Please Be
Professional and follow ATC Instructions

Aircraft : CRJ-200

Route : KBUF-KDTW (Buffalo, New York - Detroit, Michigan )


KBUF Tower:
KBUF Ground:

KDTW Tower:
KDTW Ground:
KDTW Approach:

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Hope You Can Attend!


Thanks @Thomas_G , that’s major not to put it in the events cat XD


KBUF*, not KBOS.


Thanks, I’ll change it now


Hello Everyone, I will be cancelling this series as I have almost no time to attend any. If you’d like to continue it, you can PM Me, but make sure your are TL2 or Member! Thank You


Is this event canceled


No, you can still arrive, I might be able to come