Buffalo Niagara International Airport Spotting - 6/18/20

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I went to my local airport, Buffalo Niagara International Airport! They were using runway 32 which is not used as much. But yesterday they were using it because they were doing some fixing on the main runway which is runway 23. I was there for about 2 hours and got some awesome photos! So I will share them with you!

First up we have a Southwest B737-700 in the heart livery! This came in from Tampa, Florida.

Next we have a American Airlines E-170 landing on Runway 32 from Chicago-O’Hare.

We have a Southwest B737-700 landing on runway 32 from Baltimore.

Here we have a Delta Mitsubishi/CRJ 900 landing on runway 32 from Detroit.

Here is a United Mitsubishi/CRJ 200 landing from Chicago–O’Hare.

Next is a American Airlines E145 landing from Philadelphia! @NoahM

Next is a Southwest B737-700 departing off of runway 32. Heading to Baltimore.

Now next is something crazy! So this helicopter flew right over me! Very low! And it went over to the runway and it was hovering over runway 23! The helicopter belongs to Mercy Flight which is a medical company that takes injured patients to the hospital. @RotorGuy you might want to see this.

Next is a JetBlue E190 landing on runway 32 from Boston.

And lastly, this is for @Robertine, @anon38496261, and @SB110!

Of course I had to take a photo of a


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We’re all gonna say CRJ till they come for us… 🤐


i am simple man, i see birb, i click



Thank you so much!

I think I really may have started something here


Nice pictures!! Love all the variety and colors. I really like that Southwest taking off.

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Damn, very nice pics! But the bird, absolutely spot on

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Fly in there at least once a year, it would have been cool if you got a pic of the old fedex 727 that’s a fire tanker now that parks at BUF.

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Thank you!

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