Buffalo Airways Douglas DC-4

[Source] (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Buffalo-Airways/Douglas-C-54G-Skymaster-(DC-4)/1569572)
before saying Duplicate this one- Douglas DC 4 Buffalo Livery which was closed due to inactivity

It should be added because it is a classic aircraft and a famous Airlines of Canada, actually they are C-54 Skymaster


Saw the Ice Pilots series about the airline just a short while ago - definitely an interesting one to have. Not only these plans already have a lot of history behind them, they’re still making it happen :)

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President FDR had one of these as his airplane during his presidency and he built an elevator in it so he could roll into it with his wheelchair. I made a model of it way back when I was younger

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This livery n this plane looks great!

I love this aircraft so much. The show was great to.

The devs have to add the DC3, DC4, and C46. I pretty sure it would make the whole community happy. Maybe just the DC3 because thats the one most of us know.


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They shouls ads with the DC3/4, the vickers viscount 800 or at least the Lockheed L188 Electra! (Lockheed super constellation and DC6 are iconic two tho)

+1 DC10 has to be added