Budapest to Doha | A321-200 | Qatar Airways

Budapest to Doha | 🇭🇺 → 🇶🇦

Sorry it’s been a while, I’m trying to get more frequent. Uhh… background… right.
This was a flight for @QatarAirwaysVirtual. This was my first time in Budapest, and it was awesome. I took off at sunset, cruised in the dark and had a nice sunrise landing.
We had a lot of unique cargo on board. Enough talking, let’s g e t i t
Click for full size and resolution, and enjoy!

Flight “deets”

Callsign: QRV237
Flight time: 4:57


At the gate in Budapest loading Mango Juice and Pineapple juice for @Captain_JR, a cardboard Rick Astley factory for @Butter_Boi, @Thunderbolt’s Hockey sticks, @Pingu’s playing cards, yee haw hats for @LoneStarAviation, a peanut butter hot tub for @reer104, the Burj Khalifa for @PocketRishi, @BadPlane’s rugby pitch and equipment, @Jake_Seitz’s imaginary Gucci furniture (?) and Encyclopedia of Korea, ski/snowboard slopes for @Jack_Q and @KGJT-9149, dog treats for @Speedyyy and Cooper, and a beach and chair for @Mr-plane-guy1. Oh, and some fuel.

Liftoff 👨‍✈️

The A321 cockpit shining in the setting sun light 🌞

A few hours of darkness later, the sun gleams on the A321 with the moon in the background 🌚

A company aircraft flies overhead

Prepping all skyscrapers on board for landing

Flaring like a nostril👃

Taxiing to our gate as @Jack_Q and @KGJT-9149 try to stop their slopes from melting in the warmth ❄️

And at the gate in Doha unloading our precious cargo!

Thanks for looking, cya next time 👋

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that peanut butter hot tub tho 🤩

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Suhas air values the happiness of our customers and their cargo 😉


Sir. How do you do this?

Anyway, awesome photos like always!


This scenario is gorgeous

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Can I sign a contract with @Suhas Air please? I want some of my Sprite delivered to me!

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Wow nice photos!

but did u bring my therapy Kiwi tho

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Holy moly that lighting is 👌👌

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For all but one customer 🙋‍♂️


@Butter_Boi Faith trust and pixie dust 🧚‍♀️

@Pedrocr Thank you!

@Infinite_Pro Welcome aboard, I’ll get you next time 😁

@Cpt_Zorndy Thanks, don’t worry I’ll add you next time lol

@Daniel_Christensen Thanks 🙏

@NoahM 😂 Hey, I offered you a smacking deal to return but you refused 🤷‍♂️


It’s also interesting how you flew a 5 hour flight and it happened to be at sunset the whole entire time 👀😈

Ive got to get back at roasting you, one post at a time


Amazing photos! DEFIANTLY deservers a big like!

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Damn your airline has some reliability with their freight. Can you ship me a 1:1 replica of an MD-88? Haha but nice pics as always 🙃


@Planeviation Thank you!

@Lucas_Piedra You got it.

@NoahM I mentioned in a couple different places. I took off at sunset, cruised at night and landed at sunrise…


Dude how are you able to do that? That’s just beautiful!!!

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Awesome photos! Can you ship some chicken wings from my city that made them! Aka my home city, Buffalo New York!


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Your screenshot topics consist of great photos and they’re funny 😂

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Yes. I’m stupid

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NAH u got BuStED 😂 😳 Sunset-Sunrise is not 5 hours.

@NoahM YOU got em 🤣

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Ah, glad to see that my items made it. Unfortunately, I’ve already chosen @ran Air for my hockey equipment shipments. However, I do need someone to ship my @Asher, @Drummer, and @snoman bobbleheads that I’ve ordered.

Great photos!