Bucket list....AF1 at Sky Harbor!

Barely made it on time yesterday to catch this beauty land. In true spotting fashion an ominous dark cloud mysterious blocked the sunlight I had. 🙄

A few other shots I took while taking advantage of a few sun breaks…


Very beautiful! Nice shots

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Thank you, next time I hope for even better.

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Amazing shots of af1, great catch

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Beautiful shots! I love the mountain as background to the VC-25. Nice job!

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Great shots

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Thanks guy’s… It’s always interesting to see what kind of weather awaits, not to mention luck is a huge factor when no planning is involved.

Literally drove like an aviation mad man trying not to miss it. Double parked, door left open, attached the lense for those to not miss it.


lol so real

That first photo is great with the sunlight illuminating the tip of the mountains. Awesome stuff!

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Thanks, that’s definitely the best one that came out from the burst shots.

Are you kidding me with that first shot?!! Beyond your previous spotting shots, now it’s not only the addition of AF1 itself lined up with the Papago Park red rocks and Red Mountain, but you’ve added a lot of extra octane with Four Peaks in the far distance!👏👏👏

(again I had to check the map to maintain some sanity:), as far as me understanding the alignment)


Again, wasn’t planned lol. There’s certain conditions that have to come together for that to happen.

I have a few ideas in mind I’d like to see if I can pull off with different angles from around PHX.

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Yeah, the background lighting (the way Four Peaks is just revealed) at that one-chance moment in combination with all the other elements is a lucky day. But I can see you work for the luck.

I linked my sister to this who happens to be briefly re-visiting Arizona, and she had a similar reaction.

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