BTV Taxiway Construction

Recently I’ve flown from KRSW to KBTV, with a connecting flight in KPHL. On my return flight, same route, I noticed that KBTV was doing some Taxiway construction next to runway 15. I only noticed because we back taxied on runway 15.

It is a very small airport, and it makes sense that the weather allowed for some much needed maintenance. Only sorry I didn’t get some pictures. See screenshot bellow:

Could you maybe link at article or web page about this for more precise information?
Also I don’t think this classified as “post worthy”.
If we posted every little thing, thered be spam spam everywhere!
Lets let staff decide though. 🙂

So i’m guessing that you want the airport editors to remove the taxiway as its on construction and then forget to add it back when construction ends? Nah im good

A lot of airports are constantly undergoing construction in one way or another. And due to the fact that there are so many airport in the world, topics like this would clutter the forum if everyone posted their local airport and the construction that’s being done.