BT_HANDLES’s Radar Tracking Thread - TEST PASSED!


Feedback OK-LOL


  • It was very inefficient to climb me to 11,000ft and then descend me to 7,000ft seconds after. What I would do is find landmarks, other airports, or waypoint fixes to plan a more efficient and safe route at a lower altitude.

  • I did not receive a heading on my ILS Intercept clearance, just altitudes. Remember that ILS clearances with only an altitude are for aircraft that have an ILS flight plan filed. I think you thought that since I was at heading 290, which was the heading that made a 30 degrees intercept, you did not need to give it again on your clearance.


No issues. Awesome terrain awareness, especially on right downwind at KONT. Also nice job on the turns, downwinds width and handoffs.

That’s all I have for today. Thanks again for the service at KONT! 😅

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Yep (10 chars

Awesome, I’ll spawn in then

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About the ILS, I confirmed with my trainer that if you are already on intercept heading I don’t need to add the heading even without a FPL filed

Thanks for coming @FN60fps ❤️

@TaipeiGuru 👀

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TU-MMY heavy

I think I spawned too close to the airport so RV was stressful, but handled well.

Vis I was focusing on terrain so late to announce RAIS. Still handled well.

ILS was perfect & also GPS.

Great job.

If you’re still planning to stay open for some more time, I’ll try again from an airport slightly further away.

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Thank you a lot for the feedback and for coming. I really dk how long I’ll stay, I usually stay until traffic clears and I still got two planes

Now 3 planes

Wanted to try RV & Vis once again. If you have to leave, just sign off & it’ll be ok with me.

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Sorry about that wide DW I was distracted by my sibling 💀

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Apologies for not staying long, I’m falling asleep in the cockpit up here. Guess I’m a DAL pilot instead of SWA today. 😴

Good controlling today. When is your practical?

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My practical is not scheduled yet. I need my trainer to clear me for it first.

Thanks for coming btw @VixenKasai

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No worries 😊

Aside from the slightly wide downwind on visual, both RV & visual were good. Just have to be careful not to allow 2 aircraft to come too close (even if on separate runways) with one of them not cleared as they could report a bust. Might have been better to wait just a few seconds more before turning me on base for the visual pattern.

No issues otherwise. The stress of 2 approaches added to your workload 😀

Hope you get greenlighted to take the test as soon as the trainer decides that you are ready.

Good luck.

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Thanks for coming :)

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@Stef_Smet is it okay if you despawn on this, I don’t think I’ll have time to finish your approach. I have to go ASAP :(

KONT now closed. Thanks for coming @CptKilo @Ketan_Sanghvi @VixenKasai @FN60fps @Stef_Smet


Feedback from CX-KLO / CR-AZY

Visual Approach
There were no issues here. Good job!

ILS Approach
I had only one minor issue here. On the first pattern I would’ve liked to turn base a bit sooner. Other than that, everything was good here!

I also really liked how you used both traffic patterns to balance out the traffic on both of those patterns.

So yeah, good job overall! 👍

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Thanks for the feedback back

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