BSTW Air Mobility Transport VIP Group Flight @KADW-KEDW 221730 SEP18

Server: EXPERT

Airport: KADW

Time: 1730Z

NOTAM: *PM me for a spot.

Hello community, This event will be lead by myself N1DG. We will be flying from KADW-KEDW to transport some BSTW executives. Our fleet will consist of 2 Boeing 747, Boeing 757, and the Boeing 737 (Air Force Livery). The flight will be between 4 and 4 and a half hours so plan accordingly.
Other Information:
Altitude: FL.320 (32,000 feet), FL.300 (30,000 feet) and FL.340 (34,000 feet)
Spacing:8-10 miles.
Use proper unicom usage and taxiway spacing.
Lineup: 747s will depart first and climb to FL320, followed by the 757s, FL 340 and 737s will be at FL300.
Speed: M.80
*Message me for questions


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