Bryant_Lol’s ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Hello people from IFC!

Today I decided to finally open my ATC Tracking Thread as I want to become an IFATC. To do so, I want to practice on my skills. I am already good since I got 7,601 operations done but I stopped since global came out due to me having a low quality device that couldn’t handle ATC with extreme lag.

Now that I got an iphone 8 plus, I feel like I’m ready to apply to the IFATC.

I hope to recive good feedback from this awesome community! 😄


Now opening at KATL.

Position: Tower and Ground
Server: Training Server

Remaning in the pattern is allowed ?

Yes it is allowed

Great , i will be there

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Attention all aircraft, KATL is now closed good day!

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