Bryan4558's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A (PRACTICAL PASSED!)

Still open at KSAN. Feel free to stop by for a few minutes, I’ll really appreciate it!

Done with today’s session! Thank you to everyone who came.

Open at KSAN again. Hoping to get a mix of pattern work and departures/arrivals.

Hey, I was C-OCEN

  1. Your transition was good :)

  2. Yo did good with pattern entry after transition

  3. After my first touch and go you told me to enter right downwind (You don’t need to as you already told me to make right traffic) Only use pattern entry for runways changes or arrivals

  4. good exit command

sorry forgot to contact ground

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Thanks for the feedback!

Hey there!

I was N813EK…

Couple of things,

  • You don’t need to give pattern entry every single time, just sequence.

  • Why did you on guard Navy 336? He was at FL280… Way above your airspace…

  • Straight in pattern entry would be better for Navy 336 as he was behind me on final…

Other than that it was pretty good :)

I suggest you check this tutorial out…

Also, if you’re thinking about joining IFATC, read the manual here and familiarize yourself with the procedures…

Thanks for the service and have a good day!

I forgot to contact ground… Sorry about that.

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I sent an “on guard” to Navy 336 without looking at the altitude, which I shouldn’t have done in the first place. I realized later that I made a mistake.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you helping me out and the feedback!

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Hey! I’m on my way!

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And I crashed smh lol I’ll spawn back sorry about that btw so far for my feedback your doing really good! Also nice job noticing that I didn’t have to pushback!

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It’s alright! Thanks for sticking around.

Hey man! Great job today!

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Thanks! And thank you for attending!

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Np! Btw I have an ATC thread as well and I controlled KSAN two days ago and it got packed with people that weren’t from the IFC so it got hard to do patterns lol that’s why i don’t control KSAN anymore but you did good today so nice job!

I like the mix of arrivals/departures of non-IFC users with the pattern work. But it can be very annoying when they don’t follow ATC instructions, and messes up the airspace.

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Yea I do too and that’s why I don’t like controlling when they get there most of the time and it gets very annoying lol

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Finished for today. Thank you to everyone who came and attended!

I’m open up again at KBUF! I’ll really appreciate it if you come by.

Here I am coming

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When is your practical @Bryan4558?

Still haven’t scheduled it. I’m currently in training.