Brussels Approach Issues

Hello all, when messing around on solo I noticed there is an issue at Brussels. One of the approaches go over the Atlantic into Mexico. That can’t be right. Look:

There must be an issue. Or is it just me? Thanks


Yep I have the same issue, is this a glitch in solo only?

If you have a pro subscription please check live but that should not make a difference as it is the same navigation data.

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possibly two waypoints with the same name that caused this… Hopefully will be fixed soon! I am not seeing it on live atm!



This is definitely an issue. I think what happened is that the incorrect MM01 Waypoint was selected. because there is usualley more than one of the same waypoint’s names. The system got confused.

Same issue with a pro subscription. Error is with the MM01 point on the L01 approach.

As a workaround just select the I01 which works as it should.

Nice finding though!

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