Brussels Airport Training Server ATC now!

Everyone come to Brussels airport on the training server, good atc and more traffic needed!

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I’ll be there shortly. Call sign KSH0728

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Great, see you soon!

@david.harper please rate my ATC skills.

First things first. Hop over to the infinite flight YouTube channel and take a look at Tyler’s ATC tutorials.

Your ground control was fine. Good give way command and well executed on the aircraft that entered the wrong runway.

Few points on the patterns.

  • after my departure you don’t need to give me a pattern instruction like enter left downwind. I’ve already requested pattern so will already make my way downwind. The instruction you’re looking for is either clear for the option if I’m first in line. If I’m not first you want to issue a sequence. So for example, G-IBBO number 2, traffic to follow is on left base. Then I’ll follow the traffic on left base and you can go ahead and clear me to for the option, number 2.

  • each time you clear for the option you don’t need to give a left/right traffic option as I’m already on that particular pattern. So you sent me on left traffic at departure. All you have to do is G-IBBO runway 20 clear for the option. Then I’ll continue staying in left traffic. Unless you plan to change the runway or wish to switch to right traffic you just clear for option only.

  • at the end I announced full stop but you cleared me for the option again. I called full stop as a courtesy to let you know I will be landing and stopping. So clear to land would be correct there.

Lots of practice and you’ll be there but can’t recommend Tyler’s tutorials enough. Study them and you’ll nail it.

Good luck!


Great ATC on your part. Terrible flying on mine. I turned onto the wrong runway, you handled it well with immediate instructions letting me know and getting me off the wrong runway. You gave me sequencing with instruction on traffic to follow each time and spacing seemed perfect. You cleared me for the option each time i requested and gave me traffic instruction. Ground control good. Good job.

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Thanks for your feedback, very helpful, I really appreciate that!
Is there a need for two topics?

It’s better practice to use the landing Clearence in this situation but a option clearence does stand for both.

If the controller clears you for the option after or before you report, it’s not a worry, there’s no point repeating a Clearence which is just more specific. Continue to land, the controller should than watch you incase you continue to do pattern or land. :)

On my way! KLM 1778 is my callsign

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