Brussels Airport, Heavies Morning Arrival spotting

Hello, it’s been a while since my last post but today, I have decided to make one again. 2 days ago, I was in brussels and for sure, I went spotting. I searched on FR24 which time was the best to go and saw that approximately every heavies arrive in the morning between 5:00AM and 10:00AM. Put my alarm at 5:00 and took the first bus of the day to arrive at the 07R/25R spotting platform at approximately 6:00AM. Enjoy the heavies landing 😁

First one is for sure, Brussels Airlines 333 with the new livery

Air belgium arriving over the sunrise πŸŒ…

Brussels Airlines old livery making an absolute butter landing

The first 777 of the day coming from Montreal

The 787 from Quatar

Delta 767 going around after missing the Touchdown zone πŸ‘€

Etihad making a landing on one main landing gear

The United evo blue comming from New-York

Finnair using their 330 and not the 350 for today 😍

And last one is a very short flight for a 787, AMS-BRU with Tui

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed the pictures


Very beautiful pictures ! Especially Air Belgium A339 😍


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