Brussels airport Fly in/out

Welcome to the busiest/largest airport in Belgium.
Yes, it is Brussels airport!


1: Brussels airport has 3 take-off/landing runways.
2: The airport was created in 1914.
3: The airport is connected to 238 airports.
4: The airport covers 1,245 hectares.

  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Act professional
  • Respect other pilots
  • Have fun!

Name Frequency Player
ATIS 121.755
Tower 118.60
Ground 121.88
Approach 127.57
![image 450x600](upload://f1seJhaQc8sGVQ7psjdXazPG8fg.jpeg)

Gate Assignments

Concourse A (you can choose)
Concourse B (you can choose)
Concourse T (you can choose)

The route that you choose.
Send it in the chat.


Expert server

Brussels Airport ICAO:EBBR, IATA: BRU

TIME: Local 19:00/ Zulu 17:00


Community events

Air Baltic A220 from Riga please

okay alright.

Thank you for joining the event!

@Artemiypilot your flight is Air Baltic flight BT603.

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I’ll take any random flight

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@DJW Oke

See you in Brussels