Brussels Airlines unveils its fifth Belgian Icon: Aerosmurf

Aerosmurf (#snsmurfs) is Brussels Airlines’ 5th Belgian Icon and is dedicated to Belgium’s beloved small, blue characters, the Smurfs, who have delighted generations all over the globe. Cartoonist Peyo’s world has been conquering the hearts of both children and adults for 60 years.

Brussels Airlines’ Airbus A320 with registration number OO-SND will take the Smurfs to new heights. Aerosmurf is also the first plane in our Brussels Airlines fleet with a design on its belly - Gargamel and Azrael are sneaking onto the plane!

The four other flying Belgian Icons are Tintin (#snrackham), Magritte (#snmagritte), Trident (#snreddevils), Amare (#sntomorrowland)

Source: Brussels Airlines


I don’t like it, I don’t think everything blends together.


Not what airlines usually paint their birds

hmmmmmmm…intresting livery

Here is a link if the image isn’t showing up (it won’t load for me)


i really like the livery

I never knew the Smurfs were originally from Belgium. 😕

I personally think the livery is one of a kind and very nice. 11/10 would pose for pics with this beast

Check my feauture-post about the livery and please vote:)

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