Brussels Airlines Unveils a Revised Belgian Icon

Brussels Airlines re-introduces a Belgian Icon

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

On the 25th of April 2024, Brussels Airlines held an event to unveil another special livery in their line of so called “Belgian Icon liveries”. This showed the return of the iconic Tomorrowland livery, and the aircraft name “Amare”.

This livery was previously featured on OO-SNF, an 18 year old Airbus A320. This aircraft wore this livery from February 2017, all the way up until January 2024, a whopping 7 years! She was then repainted into the standard Brussels Airlines livery.

A picture of OO-SNF, featuring the previous Tomorrowland livery.
Credit: Myself.

This revised Tomorrowland scheme features a whole new colour palette, as well as the new Brussels Airlines branding, while staying true to the original design with the Tomorrowland “Amare” bird as a centre piece.

The new scheme was painted onto OO-SBB between the 8th and 24th of April. OO-SBB is one of Brussels Airlines’ newest aircraft, an Airbus A320neo featuring the modern CFM International LEAP-1A engines. This aircraft was delivered brand new to the airline in December 2023 directly from Toulouse, featuring an all white livery. This already hinted at the return of one of the iconic liveries.

The Unveiling

At around noon, the aircraft was finally unveiled during an event in Hangar 41, Brussels Airlines’ Maintenance and Engineering hangar, at Brussels Airport. This included a choreographed display with performers in themed clothing, as well as live music. When the drapes opened, the new livery emerged out of the smoke.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

Guests, employees and the press were presented with the beautiful revised livery, and were able to get very up close and personal with the aircraft.

This special design continues on the interior, with special decals adorning the overhead storage bins, seats and separator walls.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

The aircraft is painted from nose to tail, from radome to APU, from nose gear to vertical stabilizer, from Sharklet to Sharklet. No detail was spared. The colour scheme features beautiful hues of dark blue to light blue, from pink to purple, from silver to white, and of course the red logo on the tail finished it all off.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

A World-First

This livery has one more trick up it’s sleeve. As a world’s first, this is the first aircraft to ever feature Augmented Reality (AR)! When scanned through specific social media channels (such as Instagram and TikTok), the Tomorrowland bird will come alive. This gives people a storytelling behind the world-famous magical creature Amare.

Credit: Brussels AIrlines.

The Design of Amare

To quote Brussels Airlines directly:

Amare is a Tomorrowland icon symbolizing bringing people together and is actually synonymous with Unity.
​In the Tomorrowland Universe, the bird is the only one able to travel through different Tomorrowland worlds via Paperworld (the magical parallel spectrum that connects the ​ different worlds).

So from this line of thought, Amare was visualized as if the magical bird was traveling through the “spectrum of space” by having him fade out towards the back. This also conveys a stronger sense of motion and makes the aircraft even more dynamic and modern.
​This also emphasizes the very iconic head of Amare that is now known by many.

Furthermore, the new visualization also exudes a tremendous power in magic through energy lines and particles that are in the direction of motion, this to further emphasize that Amare is a magical being that is constantly in motion with the purpose of bringing people together."

Quote by Brussels Airlines.

The whole design process of the livery took about 15 months and great attention has been given to details, from the feathers of the bird to the sparkles of the fireworks transitioning into the Brussels Airlines’ logo.

The Maiden Flight

The new “Amare” will embark on her maiden voyage on the 26th of April. She will depart Brussels Airport, bound for Tenerife Sur Airport on the Spanish island of Tenerife, as Brussels Airlines flight SN3781 (BEL7QJ). The 4-hour flight will see OO-SBB lift off from Belgian soil at around 13:20 local time (CEST).

A Responsibility

With the unveiling of this livery, both Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland show their stride to a greener future. The A320neo emits up to 20% less CO2, as well as up to 50% less noise than it’s predecessors.

Furthermore, all Global Journey Packages Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland sell together will from now on be Green Fares, which compensate the flight emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (20%) and thanks to the investment into qualitative CO2-reducing programmes (80%). To top it off, Tomorrowland and Brussels Airlines to compensate the total carbon emissions of all party flights that will be operated.

To quote Brussels Airlines’ CEO directly:

“Brussels Airlines has been a proud partner of Tomorrowland since 2012 and I am happy to announce that we will extend this partnership until 2028. We have many things in common such as the passion to explore the world and connecting cultures, but also the awareness of our environmental footprint and our willingness to take the necessary steps to reduce our impact. These shared values make this partnership such a success.”

Dorothea von Boxberg , CEO, Brussels Airlines

Quote by Brussels Airlines.

Credit: Brussels Airlines.

I personally think it’s amazing that Brussels Airlines is continuing their famed Belgian Icon liveries. I absolutely loved the original livery on OO-SNF a lot, but I believe I will love this one even more once I see it in person.

What are your thoughts?



This is amazing! Glad to see they’re still giving their fleet’s special liveries some love!

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Amazing colours, fantastic cabin. Brilliant 👍😀🇬🇧

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That tail is amazing!

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Alot of thought and imagination went into this. That AR feature is brilliant, 15 months of design. Wow! It’s a head turner.

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Great topic! Happy to see a new special livery of our irl counterpart.

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I agree! It’s been sad seeing so many leave within a short period (Aerosmurf, Bruegel and Amare “1.0”). Great to see they’re at least brining one back.

@Cabin_Services Indeed! The interior details really add something.

@callaa I agree! pink and purple are really underutilized.

@Alaska170 Oh definitely. Massive props to everyone involved in making this livery. And that AR feature is such a unique and cool thing.

@BrusselsVirtual Same here, and thank you!


I can’t wait to spott it at Nice (LFMN) 😍

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I’m sure she’ll come by soon enough!

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Here we can see OO-SBB in all her glory, with some nice Tenerife sun.

This photo was taken on the return leg after her first revenue service (in the Tomorrowland livery).

Credit: Andros Alonso.

The colours definitely pop a lot better than they did on her departure (with the gloomy grey Belgian weather).