Brussels Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100-95

pic not mine credit to bram botterman LINK we need some russian aircrafts to in IF and we need more brussels airlines in IF to so i think this is a perfect combo this is operated by city jet on behalf for brussels airlines

I guess this is fake…

Wouldn’t look too bad tho IRL ;)

its not fake go and have a look


He did @Ousman ;)

It’s real :o
Never knew BEL was operating them…
Like it :)


Why request a livery for a aircraft that doesn’t exist in IF

I don’t think they operate with that one , after I take a look in Wikipedia .


Check out ;)

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@dush19 You Beat me to that Title edit.

My eyes were bleeding, sorry.


They’re going to replace the RJ100

Wikipedia is a horrible source. NEVER use it.


You’re new to IF I can tell. Welcome. Please browse thru and let us know if you have any questions.

If you think a plane needs to be in IF, request it. It doesn’t have to be existent. Otherwise we wouldn’t have C130s or DASHQ’s since, at some point we didnt have them in IF.

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Sorry about that. I don’t necessarily want the aircraft lf. I was just suggesting to the topic creator.

And please look at my profile. Before making any assumptions. I am not new to the forum. I was just making a suggestion which didn’t come out correctly

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Ha…ha… superjet…ha…ha😂😂

Brussels Airlines in SSJ100 looks lovely imho ❤. I dont know why I kinda love SSJ100’s design 😊

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This is for a specific livery, not the actual aircraft :).


It looks like a CS100 just with more A350/787 like windows

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becasuse its not exist in if therefore and i want this to

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