Brussels Airlines (normal livery) A320-214

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Hello everyone!

Today, I’m requesting the addition of the Brussels Airlines in the normal livery in the A320.😊

When the plane was build and when does the plane was painted in the Brussels Airlines livery ?

According to, the plane was build in January 2008 and it was painted in the Aeroflot livery, the registration was VP-BQU.
In January 2018, it was painted in the GECAS livery, registration was OE-IGK.
Then the plane was stored, it was painted in June 2018 in the Brussels Airlines livery with the current plane registration: OO-SNK.
The serial number of the plane is 3373.

What is Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines is the national airline of Belgium that is based in the airport of Brussels. The airline was founded in February 2002.
They have more than 120 destinations in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.
In August 2019, the airline operate 50 planes (17 A320, 22 A319, 3 A330-200 and 8 A330-300).

Why I would like to see this in the next update.

I personally think that Infinite Flight is lacking planes if the Brussels Airlines livery, because we only have the A319.
In real life, Brussels Airlines have 17 Airbus A320 and there are 0 A320 Brussels Airlines in the simulator.
Also in real life, Brussels Airlines isn’t using the A319 for some routes (example: Tel Aviv to Brussels).
Flying the A319 for a flight that is operated by the A320 is quite unrealistic.

Sources: FlightRadar24

Do you want the livery in the simulator?

Click on the “vote” button. :)

taps shoulder Is this because @BrusselsAirlinesVA needs liveries?

I mean don’t get me wrong, its a pretty nice livery. for a eurowhite


Who knows…
But you just can’t dislike that livery…


I believe everyone at @BrusselsAirlinesVA would love to see this livery in the A320. :)


Lol, I said it is good. Even for eurowhite.


I don’t care flying Generic, but that just gives that little “touch” to it. :)


I voted on this. (Sacrificed it for the ANA 737😖, highly doubt it will ever be in the game) Brussels Airlines is a extremely underrated airline. The A319 itself is just not enough. I also hope the A330 will be added too.


I hope that many more persons will have the same thoughts. 😊


Liked it. I hope they will comply with this request. :)


Brussels Airlines, with Iberia and Alitalia, needs more attention, because we doesn’t have the A330 and the A320 with this livery.
We can only do Brussels Airlines A320’s routes with the generic livery (not cool).

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As a fellow Belgian and Brussels Airlines fan I would kill to fly this in IF, let me see if I can clear up a vote!

Edit: Voted! Hopefully this gets added with the next A320 rework maybe.


Great that you voted! I hope this will get added in 2020, that would make me sooooooo happy!


Same, as the flag carrier of Belgium SN needs to get more attention and love in my opinion.


Thanks for the vote:)
Yes, I agree, the airline needs more attention.
Hope to see this in the next A320 liveries update and on the A330.

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Bump! This is one of the most needed European livery for the A320, the A319 with this livery is not enough.


I also think that SN has been a little bit forgotten on infinite flights compared to BA, AF, etc … … 2 of the most important aircraft of the fleet are missing, A320 and A330 so I would really like infinite flight to add one of those 2 aircraft and it would be great.