Brussels Airlines is being absorbed by Eurowings

The integration of Lufthansa subsidiary Brussels Airlines into the Eurowings Group has been planned for a long time already, and it was no secret.

Now we can see the first visible changes:

All new Brussels Airlines Short Haul and Medium Haul planes will be painted with the Eurowings livery. It’s not known yet whether the current short- and medium-haul fleet, consisting of 24 Airbus A319 and 16 Airbus A320 aircraft, will get the Eurowings livery in the long term as well, but it’s more than likely.

It’s also not known yet what will happen with the long-haul fleet, but it seems to be the plan of Lufthansa to turn Brussels Airlines into the long haul carrier of Eurowings with the central hub at Brussels Airport.

By combining forces, Lufthansa wants to cement Eurowings status as the number 3 low-cost carrier in Europe, after Ryanair and EasyJet.

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As long as they don’t touch Swiss 👀

More seriously, they better not touch the “we fly you to the home of…” liveries.

Actually a Eurowings A220 would look nice

I kinda saw this coming…I dub the situation

Virgin America 2.0


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There would be a riot.


This is the day and age where tons of these airlines we all know and love are just being absorbed into others. As always it’s sad to see another legend go, but it’s exciting to see how this plays out in the long run

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