Brussels Airlines Dash 8-Q400


Hmm, principally a Greta idea. But maybe, let’s just wait until it comes out then we can always ask for more liveries :)

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Another great livery to have, hope to see it in our next update :)


Another livery for my homeland <3

Ya we should have that type of plane.

I would really like this for Amsterdam!!!

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Bringing this back on topic😀

This is definitly missing! Thanks for bringing it back up :)@TnTpilotBE

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what an amzing dash8 need for global

Isn’t this livery already in the game?

nope just on the a319

I went on G-ECOI in the same livery in January. Still Flybe on the inside but great paintwork nonetheless.

Out of votes though.

Yay, another of my natal land livery. Please add A330 Brussels airlines ;)

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The livery looks very nice in the Dash-8!

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voted for this amazing livery

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Awesome livery! It’ll be great for Global Flight!

Would sure be interested in flying this around Brussels!

Eh, they only have 2 of these in their fleet. A330 would be better to have first.

I’m gonna bump this even tho they don’t have it in their fleet anymore, I really love the livery on this turboprop so.

Oh that looks nice! A great livery to fly in the regional turboprop.