Brussels Airlines (Bruegel livery) A320

Hello everyone!
Today I was scrolling trough the feature request topics and noticed there isn’t one for Brussels Airlines’ newest edition to the special livery A320 fleet. That’s why I decided to make it as soon as I could so here it is.

About the aircraft: OO-SNE, is what she is known as now, was a former Air Arabia A320 (A6-ABT), today the aircraft in question is about 10 years of age, before she was painted in the Bruegel livery she wore the regular Brussels Airlines livery that we all know (and love) today.

The aircraft was painted as an ode to Pieter Bruegel (the Elder) back in 2019 which was fitting since that was “Bruegelyear”. Another amazing fact is that the livery was hand painted just like the Tomorrowland “Amare” livery! (Took them 17 days to paint it.)

So let me show you a picture of the aircraft ;) .

Here she is, the beauty!

(Credit on the bottom of the photo.)

NOTE: On the other side of the aircraft is a different painting, it is not the same as the side shown in the picture!

I myself think this livery would be amazing to have alongside the Brussels Airlines A319 we already have and hopefully some future A320('s).

Let me know what you think of this livery yourself and of course, let me know if I can improve this topic in any way, shape or form!

Hmm, I’m slightly hesitant to vote for this one, just because it is a special livery for one plane. (as in there is only one plane with this livery in existence).

I do quite like the artwork, although I don’t really think it ‘works’ on an aircraft, but that might just be me 🤷‍♂️

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I mean everyone’s got their own opinion man! I know some people would agree with you on the “not working on an aircraft” statement, it’s all in personal preference.

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It certainly is!

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The most amazing thing I find about this livery is that it’s hand panted, you don’t see it that much these days.


Wow really! Imagine using an A320 as a canvas 😍 For me, being an aviation artist that would be amazing!


You have a chance mate! TUI (Fly Belgium) has made a statement that they want the public to design a livery to put on one of their white (leased) 737-800’s, with your drawing skills you have a chance!

Anyway yeah it’s amazing, they hand-painted the Tomorrowland livery aswel.

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Wow, Just imagine having a custom BravoCharlie designed livery for Tui 😗😏

I’m interested, I’ll send you a PM to avoid clogging the thread up.