Brussels Airlines Avro RJ100


Not really my style.


Oh god… so ugly…


Not so agressive, those are called opinions.


hmm interesting request but to be honest there are some nicer planes that could be added first :)


I like the aircraft and livery

No there is a difference between opinions and just being straight hateful

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If it can land at EGLC, then its a big yes with me.


If you’re not willing to have feedback on the plane then why request it? :)


We need this :)

Bumping this topic and feature request sinds it’s a missing regional plane which we need.
A really small and cute plane in a nice livery ;)

The regional jets need more attention. It’s been 3 updates I believe (including the confirmed DC-10/MD-11 update.)

@Kevin btw, if you look closer, there are really rare liveries requests for the DC10 compared to the MD11…
Feel free to go and take a look to the Sabena DC10 livery ;)

Thyer’re getting replaced

They are currently not, Maybe yes Maybe no, but there are still plenty of RJ85 and RJ100 Brussels airlines at the airport and the fleet didn’t change so I guess no ;)

I think we need Concorde, A350, Airbus rework, Fighterjet rework, and possibly the globemaster rework. Not to mention the MD11/DC10

They loaned a SSJ100 from CityJet

Yes but it doesn’t mean that they are retiring them and changing their fleet. And they loaned just 1 SSJ… they have plenty of Avros 100 ;)

Oooh yes I need my favorite plane with my favorite airline in this game, you have my vote 😉

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Someone can make a new feature request if they want