Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300


Hello, IFC!

As there has been a lot of talk about an A330 Rework, I thought I’d pitch in.

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is the largest airline and flag carrier of Belgium. From their hub at, of course, Brussels Airport, the airline operates 117 routes. The airline has 8 Airbus A330-300s in their fleet with another 5 on order. The airline is also a member of Star Alliance.

I think this aircraft is very beautiful, and I would love to see the community be able to fly long-haul with Brussels Airlines. I hope everyone else likes it as much as I do.

Extra Info

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A330

Dream about the A350s in IF

Been waiting for this


they also have versions with RR trent 700 and with Pratt&Whitney 4000 engines
a330-343 and a330-323


You have my vote! I want more Brussels Airlines aircaft in IF including this one


You got my vooote!!


Wow, like why was this livery not featured before? I truly love Belgium, and it is important not to miss this one. ;)


It’s a really nice livery! Seen it multiple times at T1 at JFK. Would love to see it in the game!!


I’m à Belgian, why wouldn’t I vote?! XD


Unfortunately I do not have votes, but I hope to see this livery in the rework of the A330. 🙂


This livery is great, but I want to save my vote for another topic. And I would actually like to see all star alliance member airlines that have A330 in their fleet get their livery added.


Anyone else would like to see this guy?


me! im a Brussels Airlines fan! it is my countries flagship carrier!, we just need more Brussels Airlines overall, we only have an A319 :(